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What is the best footwear to buy for Security Guards Many of your shifts have had specific uniform requirements albeit sometimes a little too overdressed, but it’s all part of the days work. But have you ever considered what shoes you should be wearing? or is there a standard of shoe that you sho

What is the best footwear to buy for Security Guards

June 27, 2019

Many of your shifts have had specific uniform requirements albeit sometimes a little too overdressed, but it’s all part of the days work. But have you ever considered what shoes you should be wearing? or is there a standard of shoe that you should have as part of your gear?

When it comes to shoes for security guards there are a variety of options that are available and they vary in price and quality depending on the brand.

But first, what’s most important when it comes to choosing the right fit is the shoes durability and comfortability. Working in the security industry will require long periods of standing or walking which could lead to foot injuries, moreover, long periods of time spent standing can cause leg and torso fatigue that can cause permanent damage.

Therefore, proper footwear, that alleviates the joints of the feet can prevent inflammation and pain, something that if left untreated for long enough can lead to rheumatism. 

A good pair of boots is the foundation of a safe and comfortable shift. So let’s review some of the specific details that you should consider when investing in the best footwear for you:

Grip – When doing patrol work It’s important that the shoes have a good grip, look for shoes that have anti-slip features. 

Lightweight footwear and breathability – Lightweight boots or meshed shoes are good in the summer as this will help in preventing oudour and athlete’s foot.

Ankle support – When your standing constantly on your feet, you may want to consider ankle support. When it comes to shoes embedded with ankle support, some outdoor tactical footwear come with that extra layer of support. Your feet and ankles can be injured from slipping, tripping or falling; improper footwear could easily cause a fall.

Waterproof – Insulation is important when working in adverse weather. Shoes vary in materials when protecting your feet from the outside elements. Shoes with with good insulation start with up to 200g of insulation, which is adequate when the job involves patrolling. You will want to raise the level of insulation however, when working in colder climates where you are standing still.

Toe caps – One reason to invest in boots with toe caps is to avoid feet being crushed by falling objects. Composite Toesare popular because they are lightweight, but aren’t as durable as Steel Toe. Genuine steel caps are strong, but can be heavy. Alloy toe caps are made of metals like aluminum or titanium and are up typically lighter than a steel cap.

Brand of shoe

Now that you are equipped with the specifics that make a shoe fit for a security guard, you will probably want to know which brand to go for. Remember It’s not the brand that makes a shoe its the quality that the manufacturer puts into it. 

With that being said, the most popular security shoes are by Magnum Security Boots since they have a long history in making footwear for the Police. 

Blueline Patrol Boots are also very popular and are very reputable having a strong history for making boots for law enforcement. 

Another great brand is the Grafters Security Boot range which uses quality material. Grafters boots will take a lesser chunk out of your waller than compared to the more popular brands.

When it comes to durability and strength, many turn to military style boots from brands like LowaMil Tec and Meindle which offer more protection to the foot as they are tailored for adverse climates.


 Drying your boots – Allow your boots to dry after a long day on the job. Remove insoles and fill them with a towel or newspaper to draw out the moisture from within.

 Clean your boots – Remove any dirt, debry and mud to prevent the leather from drying out. A solution of vinegar and water can help in safely removing the dirt without damaging the material.

 Finally, a general rule of thumb is that you change your shoes after every 500 miles. Our feet are literally the life blood of our job so look after your feet with safe and protective footwear.

What do you think of our recommendations? Have you tried any of the boots mentioned in this artcile or advise us of another brand? Let us know.

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