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The Rise of the Female The rise of women in security has undoubtedly had, and will continue to have a positive impact on the industry as a whole.  Diversity is essential in any industry - this article considers the rise of the female in the private security industry a
The Rise of the Female
May 14, 2019

The rise of women in security has undoubtedly had, and will continue to have a positive impact on the industry as a whole.  Diversity is essential in any industry - this article considers the rise of the female in the private security industry and why their growing presence is well overdue!

There is (or certainly historically has been) a general consensus that the private security industry – both physical and cyber, is a male-dominated sector, with careers perceived as unsuitable, or even unappealing to women. Why and why does this matter?

Lack of diversity in security matters. Not just gender ratios, but diversity in all its dimensions. It is well-documented that more diverse organisations perform stronger on all fronts – innovation, candidate attraction, retention, etc – the list continues, and in the private sector, diverse organisations are in fact more likely to achieve better financial results.

If we consider physical security and the reason for a lack of female influence, it is fairly obvious the reason lies in quite simply the anatomy – males are on average bigger built and physically stronger. A common route into the security field was historically through male-dominated sectors such as law enforcement and the military, which were again positions traditionally filled by men. The perception that men were more capable of ‘protection’ meant for a long time the industry was run by very much an “old boys club”.

Things have changed.

Firstly it is has become increasingly obvious that women offer a very different but vital skillset and set of attributes. One example is in close protection – increasingly women are taking roles as personal body guards with clients fearing that stereotypical CPO’s in fact draw attention to the protection source. Women soften egos – fact. A woman handling a security concern is often forced due to size and strength to talk through an issue rather than react physically in the first instance. Although in major incidents this will not always work, in the majority, within security guarding, door supervision, stewarding, etc - whether in the corporate, hospitality, events or nightclub sector, this means a situation will not escalate and the chances of it ending in physical intervention is decreased 10 fold.

We are also seeing a demand from particular sources who favour or see more benefit in a female guard over a male. Muslim families as an example, in particular feel more comfortable with female operatives – especially around children. Those requiring personal security are often now more concerned with operatives that are able to blend into an environment thus avoiding unwarranted attention. Women are coming into their own within the industry and are now being seen as credible and vital aspects of the security sector.

Secondly, the convergence of physical and cyber security has advanced and the lines which have separated these two previously distinct sectors, continue to blur more and more- helping to expand the role of women in physical security.

IT, computers and all things related were at one point considered to be for the “nerds”. Those days are long gone, both in general and within the security realms. For one, increased counter terror measures have hugely advanced innovation and created new issues like the global debate surrounding privacy and cyber security – drumroll GDPR. This has led to a change in the approach to security and opened up more doors to women who now see their place more and more within the industry.

As technology continues to evolve and play an increasingly integral role in security, we will likely continue to see traditional silos break down even further, creating more opportunities for women in security. As more and more women climb the ladder within the physical services industry and act as advocates for those considering entry level applications we hope to see more women at the operative level.

Many clients will now specifically request a mixed Male and Female team. There is a necessity for male strength but combined with a strong favour towards prevention. Women operatives are often requested due to their pragmatic approach and de-escalation abilities which works in excellent harmony with male deterrent and an ability to physically handle a situation when and where required.

Women are of huge value to the industry and their many strengths should not be underestimated. In many ways women work, think, act and react differently to men – this is not a disadvantage. These factors combined with experience and training will create stronger and more adept teams.

Quick Click Security are advocates of diversity and the number of growing opportunities for women in security within the security industry. Register today and be kept up to date with career opportunities and latest news.

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