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A Day in the Life of … A Female Door Supervisor…+A+Female+Door+Supervisor/MjhfbmV3cw Inspiring stories of women in the private security industry prove that it’s possible for anyone to have a career in this sector. Meet Sarah Millar – a professional security guard and mum of two. We got to know Sarah when she commented
A Day in the Life of … A Female Door Supervisor
June 25, 2019
Inspiring stories of women in the private security industry prove that it’s possible for anyone to have a career in this sector. Meet Sarah Millar – a professional security guard and mum of two.

We got to know Sarah when she commented on one of our posts in Quick Click Security – SIA Security Jobs, Hire Security & Training. Sarah said:

“It’s great to see women entering the mostly male-led career! I have done security for 10 years n have never once felt out of place on the team, the guys treat me just the same! It’s a brilliant job and I have n I have worked my way up to where I’m now! Diversity makes the team strong male/female/non-binary/gay/straight/black/white/anything! A team is a team! ”

We thought it would be great to speak with Sarah who strongly advocates for diversity and inclusion in the private security industry. Luckily, she found a moment to chat with us.

Hi Sarah, thank you very much for making time to have an interview for our group #womeninsecurity.  We loved your comment in our group and couldn’t wait to have a chat with you. How did you get into security?

Before joining the private security industry, I used to be a nursing assistant at a hospital. Then my luck turned and I met my partner who worked in a nightclub as a security guard – I started working at the nightclub, initially as a bartender but didn’t see it as a long-term fulfilling career so I did my training and became a door supervisor myself.

Do you still work as Door Supervisor at the same Nightclub?

No, I actually do much more. Together with my partner, we run a private security recruitment company so I work as a door supervisor and I also recruit security officers. This way I get a very good overview of the industry as a whole. I know exactly what to look for in people when I have vacancies to fill and I also know what it takes to be a good security guard whether you are a man or a woman.

This is impressive. You must be very busy! How do you manage your workload?

Oh, I absolutely love what I do and this is that keeps me going! I also have two young kids who are a handful but most importantly an out of this world positive kick of energy every day! Working on the doors – it’s like we are a family. We know each other very well, we support each other and we are a great team. I know they have my back and we can handle every situation we are faced with.

That’s probably a work environment everyone wishes for. Do you meet a lot of women in your profession?

There is seven of us working as security guards in our club. I think it’s quite a lot.

So the majority are men. How are you treated by your male friends?

We’re well-respected, treated as part of a team where every one of us has a role to play. We’re all equal. We are able to do the job and I can’t see why we would be treated any different or put down for whatever reason. I encourage women to believe in themselves and to come and give this job a go.

Describe what your typical day looks like?

I work in a nightclub so I work night shifts. I usually start at 9:30pm, sometimes 10:30pm. Starting my job late and finishing it in the morning allows me to put my kids to bed before I leave for work and be back home before they wake up. It really means so much to me that my job gives me the opportunity to spend so much time with my little kids.

Before I leave for work I make sure I have my nails done and makeup on. I like taking care of myself. I think every woman should take that time for herself. At work, we are all like that – female security guards with our makeup and nails always looking great.

When I get to work the first thing we do is have a briefing where we discuss the night ahead of us. We make sure we have enough people, everyone knows what they’re doing and what position they take that night. We also double check everyone has a radio on them for safety reasons.

Would you say it’s a tough job?

The Night club I work at is a very popular and busy club so I have to be very proactive. Every night something happens – we definitely never get bored!

In general it depends on where you work. Restaurants, nice local pubs are probably easier on an everyday basis. I work in a nightclub. People come here for drinks and to have fun. They often get intoxicated, then moody, then they get into arguments and fights. These are the moments where we intervene to keep others safe. I have been assaulted and physically abused before – sadly it’s part of the job. But I have a team of people to help me out whenever things get bad. I call on the radio and the team have my back.

Some nights are quiet and nothing really eventful happens. A security role isn’t always the easiest but I do enjoy it.

You say it happens regularly that you have to intervene in a potentially volatile situation. Where did you learn how to react to situations?

Initially, I just did the SIA course and got basic training there. I was taught more about all the regulations than how to actually defend myself or restrain someone. I have to say I learnt a lot on the job, during my shifts. I benefited from watching colleagues at work and asking them questions. I got much better training when I had to renew my badge. I attended a very good physical training course then.

Would you have any advice for women considering a career in private security?

I would say – be confident and learn to assess situations. Most importantly, always work with a supportive team who you know have your back.

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