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What is Quick Click Security?

Quick Click Security is the ONE place for everything related to security.
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Searchable Database

Create your own professional profile.

​Search or be searched for on a global​ security database.

Connect with Employers/Suppliers​.

Create a dedicated company page to market your business.

Job Board & Contract Portal

Browse job boards for national and global security opportunities

Post Job adverts on a dedicated security industry job board.​

Post and Bid on Private/Public sector Security Contracts.​

Book a Guard Online

Search and book in a few clicks.

Full profiles and a ratings/review system to find the right candidate.

Get booking requests for last​ minute shifts.

Secure payment system.

Access to Training & Events

Best value training locally and globally.

Search for classroom course providers in your area and compare courses / prices / locations

Search industry events, book online and network with organisers​.

Network with your Industry

Build and communicate with your own professional security network.​

Easily search profiles and connect​.

Easily stay in touch with friends​ and colleagues​.


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