About Us
Quick Click Security is an online recruitment and knowledge sharing platform. It has been developed with the aim of centralising information, training and recruitment opportunities for everyone involved in, or related to, the private security sector.
The driving force behind the platform is Houdah Al-Hakim, a Certified Security Management Professional and an advocate for the improvement of standards and opportunities within the industry.

Having gained a variety of perspectives from front line licence holder to business manager- consulting on all aspects of operations, risk management, client contracts, administration and business support, Houdah saw there was a clear need for the centralisation of opportunities and information.
Now, alongside a team of professionals and consultants Houdah has developed what she believes will be a necessary tool for the private security industry as it continues to grow within every sector.

Quick Click Security is very much in its infant stages and we hope through utilisation, feedback and continual improvement this platform will allow endless opportunities through networking and by providing easy to find career and training opportunities.
To get in touch with any of our management team with comments or feedback please email info@quickclicksecurity.com.

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